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Light Stax Junior are bigger in size,

perfect for younger children ages 3+ to

grab, stack and glow.

Light Stax comes in two sizes: Light Stax Junior and Light Stax SYSTEM

Light Stax Junior and Light Stax SYSTEM blocks do not work with each other,
because they are built differently.  
Each series is fully compatible with building blocks from major brands of the same size.

Light Stax Junior

Light Stax SYSTEM

LEGO® and DUPLO® are trademarks of the LEGO Group which is not affiliated with Light Stax.



The First Generation - 

Light Stax Junior

Light Stax Junior are big light-up bricks for little people. Each brick contains a powerful LED. You can use them to build imaginative light creations and illuminate your own collection of building blocks. They work with and without wires and have multiple lighting modes, including solid, flashing, fading. Just imagine the possibilities!

The Next Generation -

Light Stax SYSTEM

Light Stax SYSTEM is an all-new creative way of infusing light into the
world of bricks. These smaller sized bricks glow as they are stacked from a rechargeable brick, and feature sound activation as well as other light modes. Our SYSTEM Series is available in more colors than ever, and are 100% compatible with major brands of building blocks.

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