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Bring your mini building creations to life

with TICO Mini Bricks! Tiny micro bricks allow

youto craft each set with amazing detail, creating realistic miniature models, or works of art! TICO Mini Bricks come in a variety of colors and shapes. Designed and made in Taiwan.

TICO mini bricks !

Check out the tiniest building 

bricks in the world -

What are TICO Bricks?

TICO Mini Bricks are miniaturized building blocks with moving parts!
They are the tiniest building bricks in the world! Each unit is 4 mm x 4 mm.

The bricks come in a variety of rich colors and shapes, encouraging imaginative and creative play. Playing with these bricks can be both therapeutic and brain training. Through simple combinations of bricks, we can build and express things we love in life.

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TICO Customization Requests

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TICO stands for “Tiny, Intelligent, Collectible, and Original.”

Free standard shipping on orders $50+ within contiguous U.S.!

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