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Hello !

We are The Lazy Dog & Co.

What we do..

How we do...?

The Lazy Dog & Co.

is an importer of innovative toys. 

We are currently the exclusive US distributor of Light Stax, TICO, Clockwork Dreams, and Pixie Crew !  Light Stax are illuminated construction blocks that magically glow as you stack them. TICO is a line of the world’s tiniest building blocks, and Clockwork Dreams are whimsical automata toys with cams, gears and moving parts.  Pixie Crew is a trendy line of accessories that can be personalized and decorated with silicone pixels.

We endeavor to inspire creativity and imaginative play in children and adults of many ages. We also highly value our relationship with our customers, and strive to achieve strong partnerships 

with good margins and high sales. Our customers are served by our dedicated support team. We welcome you to contact us with inquiries or requests.

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Free standard shipping on orders $50+ within contiguous U.S.!

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