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Light Stax Hybrid Light and Sound

Light Stax Hybrid Light and Sound

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  • Description

    STAX Hybrid brings light and sound into the brick world

    STAX Hybrid combines Light, Sound and Connector STAX with regular bricks in imaginative play sets. STAX Hybrid is fully compatible with STAX System and all major (small size) brick brands that are aimed at kids 6+. Each STAX Hybrid play set contains a booklet with printed building instructions.

    STAX Hybrid is powered by the 4x4 motion activated Power Base, that contains one Lithium CR2032 button cell. This button cell will activate your STAX Hybrid creation hundreds of times. When the battery is exhausted you can easily replace it with the spare battery that is included your STAX Hybrid pack.

    See the 4x4 Motion Activated Power STAX Instruction Manual, inside the pack. Additional CR2032 button cell batteries are readily available in retail.   As an upgrade, to avoid using batteries, we recommend replacing the button cell activated Power Base with the rechargeable 4x4 Mobile Power STAX Extra (product item LS-S11503). All STAX Hybrid play sets are packed in a unique interactive retail box.

    Once you pick up the box from the shelf you will see the STAX light up and hear the sound from the creation inside the box!

  • More Details

    • Light Stax SYSTEM features sound activation mode: the power brick picks up on noises and vibrations.
    • These smaller sized blocks glow when stacked with a rechargeable power brick.
    • Compatible with other modular brick sets. Combine, and create!

    Care: Wipe with clean damp cloth.     

    Brand: Light Stax           Material: ABS

    Color: Multi                  

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