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Is Light Stax compatible with LEGO®?

  • Yes! Light Stax SYSTEM bricks are fully compatible with standard sized LEGO® bricks
  • Light Stax Junior blocks are compatible with DUPLO® bricks

For what ages do you recommend Light Stax SYSTEM and 1 st generation Light Stax?

  • Light Stax SYSTEM: ages 6+
  • Light Stax Junior: ages 3+
  • Light Stax Junior: ages 3+

  • How do I get Light Stax to light up?

  • Remove the Try Me Pin
  • The Light Stax logo on the Power Base or the Mobile Power Stax is the power button

Is Light Stax battery operated, and if so, what's the cord for?

  • Light Stax are powered by 3 AAA batteries. These are replaceable, but are not rechargeable in the base by the USB cord.
  • Light Stax can also be lit up using the USB cable without any batteries. Plugging in the USB cable does not charge the batteries.

Is the Light Stax Junior base rechargeable?

  • No, please replace the AAA batteries or connect with the USB cable.

Is the Light Stax SYSTEM brick rechargeable?

  • Yes, the SYSTEM brick runs on lithium-ion polymer batteries and is rechargeable, you do not need to replace the battery

How long will the brick light up for? What is the lifetime of the LED lights in the bricks?

  • Light Stax bricks use the latest LED technology. Each LED light has a life expectancy of 50,000 hrs. If you play with your Light Stax for 10 hours a day, this should be about 13.7 yrs.

How many bricks can one power base light up?

  • One Light Stax Junior power base can light up hundreds of Light Stax Junior bricks
    • On 3 AAA batteries, it can last for about 10 hours with about a dozen bricks
    • Using USB cable power, the lights will be brighter.

How do I keep the lights "always on" and disable the 15 minute auto-shut off?

  • Press and hold the logo button for 3 seconds. The base will briefly flash purple to indicate the auto shut-off has been disabled.

For what ages do you recommend TICO Mini Bricks?

  • Since TICO comes with very small parts, we recommend starting at age 8+.

How do I request a customized TICO product?

  • Please send a request to "thelazydogco@gmail.com" and our representative will assist you with the process.

How much will a customized TICO project cost?

The cost for a customized TICO project varies depending on the quantity and the size. For more information please send us an email or give us a call.

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