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Meet Pixie Crew! What is Pixie Crew?

It's  just the  cutest, softest  3D silicone  pixel  art  canvas  attached to brightly colored, well-made  accessories !  Create your  own  pixel art  and  personalize your  accessories  -  just press and snap soft  silicone  pixels  onto the colorful pixelated panel.  Design high quality and amazing looking wallets, wristbands, pencil  cases,  or  pouches  for  yourself  or  friends  and  family !

How It Works

It’s so easy! Grab a  pixel  and  push or twist onto  the  silicone  panel, where  it  stays  in place thanks to the  PIXIE-Lock system. The pixel  will  un-attach  from the  panel only in cases of severe bending or  hard scratching  of the panel.


Pixels can be pulled off by hand, so you can continuously change your design.

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Free standard shipping on orders $50+ within contiguous U.S.!

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