Light Stax SYSTEM Expansion Pack (Solid BW)

Light Stax SYSTEM Expansion Pack (Solid BW)

SKU: SS11002


  • Description

    Introducing the next generation of Light Stax: Light Stax SYSTEM! It is an all-new creative way of infusing light into the world of bricks. These smaller sized blocks glow when stacked with a rechargeable power brick. One rechargeable power brick lights up hundreds of SYSTEM bricks via USB power.

    Light Stax SYSTEM series also features an all new mode: Sound Activation! In this mode, the power brick picks up on noises or vibrations. Tap the table, play music, or speak, and the SYSTEM bricks will blink in rhythm with you! 100% Compatible with LEGO® blocks.

  • More Details

    This expansion pack includes: 24 transparent white SYSTEM bricks with LED.


    Care: Wipe with clean damp cloth.     

    Brand: Light Stax           Material: ABS

    Color: Multi                   

    Measurements: L 3.5" x W 6.75" x H 1.25"

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